Budget Tesla: Is It a Mini Model Y or a Surprise?

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Tesla Model Y 2023

Tesla investors and fans were unhappy when the company decided to focus on a self-driving robotaxi called the CyberCab instead of a planned affordable electric car. A new report might explain why this happened.

According to leaked information from former Tesla employees, CEO Elon Musk made a sudden decision to prioritize the robotaxi during a series of meetings in February. This decision put the brakes on a planned $25,000 electric car based on the Model Y.

Tesla Model Y 

This affordable car codenamed “Model 2” or “NV91,” was seen by many at Tesla as a potential hit. It would have been a cheaper version of the popular Model Y SUV. Musk himself has been a big supporter of this idea for years, calling it a “dream” since the beginning of Tesla.

During a meeting in February, Tesla executives presented plans for the $25,000 Model 2, a cheaper version of the Model Y. Musk liked this idea, and it had been his dream for years to make a truly affordable Tesla.

But then, in another meeting later that same week, Musk was shown a concept for the CyberCab. He loved the idea of a self-driving robotaxi so much that he immediately switched gears and made the CyberCab the new priority. This put the brakes on the Model 2.

Some people at Tesla were surprised by this decision. They knew Musk liked to set short deadlines, but this seemed extreme. Tesla has a history of rushing products to market, like the Cybertruck which was designed in just 93 days!

The Tesla Model Y

The problem is that the CyberCab is a completely different type of car than the Model 2. The Model 2 is meant to be sold to regular people who will drive it themselves. The CyberCab is a robotaxi, designed to be used by ride-sharing services and withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Several former Tesla employees told reporters that the CyberCab is nowhere near ready to be released. This could be a problem for Tesla, whose stock price has already dropped significantly this year. Investors are also being asked to vote on whether to give Elon Musk a huge bonus. Tesla has a lot on its plate right now, and it remains to be seen if the CyberCab will be a success.

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