How Far Can You Go? Tesla Model S Range and Efficiency Explained

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Front view of the Tesla Model S Plaid (Credits: Tesla)

The 2024 Tesla Model S lineup has hit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website, revealing its official range and energy consumption stats. In the mix are two variants: the base Long Range all-wheel drive (AWD) and the tri-motor Plaid version, each offering 19-inch or 21-inch wheels.

Previously, in 2022-2023, the Model S boasted impressive EPA Combined range figures. However, the game changed with the updated EPA methodology, impacting all-electric vehicles (EVs). This shift in methodology, factoring in best- and worst-case drive modes instead of the default, has nudged down some numbers.

The interior of Tesla’s Model S Plaid (Credits: Tesla)

For the latest 2024 Tesla Model S Long Range AWD with 19-inch wheels, the EPA Combined range clocks in at 402 miles, a slight dip from earlier reports. Meanwhile, with 21-inch wheels, it’s slightly lower at 380 miles, according to Tesla’s statement, as there’s no EPA rating card to verify.

The Plaid variant presents a noticeable difference. The 19-inch wheel version comes in at 359 miles, dropping further to 320 miles if you opt for the 21-inch wheels.

This disparity between configurations is significant. The LR AWD with 19-inch wheels offers the highest range at 402 miles, followed by the LR AWD with 21-inch wheels at 380 miles, then the Plaid with 19-inch wheels at 359 miles, and finally the Plaid with 21-inch wheels at 320 miles.

Energy consumption is another point of distinction. The LR AWD 19-inch is estimated to consume about 276 watt-hours per mile (3.6 miles/kWh), while the Plaid 19-inch drinks up about 315 Wh/mi (3.2 miles/kWh), and the Plaid 21-inch even more at 351 Wh/mi (2.8 miles/kWh).

It’s worth noting that highway MPGe ratings tend to be slightly lower than combined values. Rough estimates suggest a 20-mile drop in range for the LR AWD version on highways. However, this is a ballpark figure as the MPGe number factors in charging losses.

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