Is This Cybertruck a Time Machine? Nope, Just a Cool Wrap

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The Tesla Cybertruck’s unconventional design has sparked a range of opinions, with some praising its unique styling and others finding it polarizing. Despite the mixed reactions, one thing is certain: the Cybertruck commands attention wherever it goes. Whether in its original raw metal form or adorned with a custom vinyl wrap, this electric truck stands out from the crowd.

For those who aren’t fully onboard with the Cybertruck’s aesthetic, a custom vehicle wrap presents an appealing solution. Not only does it provide owners with the opportunity to showcase their individual tastes, which can be limited due to the truck’s minimal external customization options, but it also offers a chance to enhance the vehicle’s overall visual appeal. With a wide array of design possibilities, a vehicle wrap can transform the Cybertruck into a personalized statement on wheels.

While many Cybertruck wraps on the market tend to stick to conventional styles like bold colors or camouflage patterns, there have been instances of more inventive approaches. Tesla itself demonstrated creativity by wrapping a pre-production Cybertruck to resemble popular truck models like the F-150 and Toyota Tundra.

Additionally, recent videos, such as one shared by the YouTube channel WhipAddict, have showcased particularly eye-catching and intriguing wraps, further emphasizing the Cybertruck’s potential for customization and personalization.

Rusty Skin Cybertruck Created by WhipAddict, Youtube

In the video, we’re introduced to a rust wrap applied to Tesla’s newest model. While the rust aesthetic might not suit every car (as evidenced by a viral BMW i8 from several years ago), it surprisingly complements the futuristic theme of Tesla’s EV.

The Cybertruck’s styling seems to harmonize well with the weathered grunge design, perfectly encapsulating the dark 80’s future envisioned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, inspired by cyberpunk novels and films like Blade Runner and Total Recall.

According to WhipAddict, the rust wrap was crafted and installed by Luxe Concepts for the rapper T.I., who has previously showcased his Cybertruck. The video showcases various stages of the wrap installation process, along with the application of a heavy window tint on the massive windshield.

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