How Far Can a Tesla Model X Go? Revealing the 2024 Range and Efficiency

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The latest Tesla Model X for 2024 has seen a slight reduction in its official range due to updates in the EPA’s rating methodology affecting all-electric vehicles. This includes both the Long Range all-wheel-drive (AWD) version and the tri-motor Plaid variant, each available with either 20-inch or 22-inch wheels.

For the Long Range AWD model with 20-inch wheels, the EPA Combined range is now listed at 335 miles, down by 3.7% from the previous rating. With 22-inch wheels, this drops to 322 miles. The Plaid version, equipped with 20-inch wheels, now boasts a range of 326 miles, while with 22-inch wheels, it decreases to 300 miles.

A Tesla Model X with all its Doors Unlatched (Credits: Tesla)

The difference in range between the 20- and 22-inch wheel sizes is evident across both versions, with the 22-inch wheels showing a reduction in range compared to their 20-inch counterparts.

Energy consumption for the Long Range AWD with 20-inch wheels, including charging losses, is estimated at 100 MPGe or about 337 watt-hours per mile. The Plaid version with 20-inch wheels is rated at 98 MPGe, while the 22-inch version at 90 MPGe.

Pricing for the Tesla Model X Long Range starts at $77,990 before obligatory fees, making it eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit, effectively lowering the cost to $72,130. However, other versions of the Model X exceed the $80,000 price cap for this incentive.

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