Tesla Model 3 Performance Gets Pricier Again: Up $1,000

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Tesla Model 3 Peformance

The new Tesla Model 3 Performance isn’t as cheap as it was a while back. The price has gone up gradually since it launched in April. Right now, it starts at $54,990, plus fees that add another $1,640. That’s $1,000 more than it cost at the end of April and $2,000 more than the original launch price.

There’s a reason Tesla might be raising the price. The U.S. government gives a $7,500 tax credit for electric cars, but there’s a catch: the car can’t cost more than $55,000 (except for trucks and SUVs). The Model 3 Performance is cutting it close – it’s exactly $54,990 before fees.

Tesla Model 3 Performance: Geben Videos neue Aufschlüsse? - AUTO BILD
Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla seems to be aware of this. They’re keeping the price down by making some options free, like black or white interior colors. Originally, these cost extra. Other versions of the Model 3, like the RWD and Long Range AWD, still have to pay for those interior options, and the price actually went up a bit.

All this suggests that the Model 3 Performance is selling well. Tesla can raise the price because there are a lot of people who want to buy it. Another clue is how long you have to wait for one. Right now, delivery isn’t expected until July, whereas you could get the other Model 3 versions much sooner.


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