3 Million and Counting! Tesla Hits Major Production Milestone

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tesla 3 millionth car

Tesla is celebrating a huge achievement! Their factory in Fremont, California, just produced its 3 millionth electric car on May 18, 2024. That’s a lot of electric vehicles! To put it in perspective, they only hit the 2 million mark in July 2022.

The lucky 3 millionth car was a blue Tesla Model S. This factory actually makes all four of Tesla’s current models: Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. They get some help from their Giga Nevada buddy, which builds batteries and other parts for the cars.

Tesla Produced 3 Million EVs, 2 Million Run-Rate By End Of 2022
Tesla’s 3 Millionth Electric Car Produced

The Fremont factory is a real powerhouse. It’s Tesla’s only plant that makes all four models, and it can churn out over 650,000 electric cars per year! That includes over half a million Model 3s and Model Ys, plus around 100,000 Model S and Model Xs.

Here’s the even more impressive part: this factory is responsible for half of all Tesla EVs ever made! That’s 3 million out of a total of 6 million Teslas on the road (as of March 2024).

However, things are changing. Tesla’s factory in China (Giga Shanghai) is actually making even more electric cars than Fremont now. Tesla also has two new giant factories up and running in Texas and Germany. So, while Fremont is still important, it doesn’t play quite as big a role as it used to.

One last interesting tidbit: deliveries of the new high-performance Tesla Model 3 haven’t even started yet. They’re still waiting for some final approvals.


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