Toyota Prius Gets an Exciting Upgrade

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Toyota Prius Gets an Exciting Upgrade
Toyota Prius (Credits: Toyota)

The Toyota Prius used to be the butt of jokes in the car world. But now, with the fifth-generation Prius, things have changed. Even Andy Kalmowitz from Jalopnik, who usually has high standards, fell in love with it. That’s a big deal.

In the past, people saw the Prius as boring and slow. It wasn’t the kind of car you’d drive for fun. It was just for going from home to work and back again. But now, things are different. Car reviewers are giving the Prius a lot more respect. They say it’s fun to drive and efficient.

But let’s be honest, saying it’s “good for a Prius” isn’t saying much. The old Prius models were slow and not very exciting. They were okay for city driving, but not much else. They weren’t built for going fast or taking on twisty roads.

Toyota Prius Gets an Exciting Upgrade
Toyota Prius (Credits: Toyota)

But the new fifth-generation Prius is changing that. It’s more powerful and has better driving dynamics. Now, it’s not just “fun for a Prius” – it’s actually fun to drive, period.

In a video review by Top Gear, The Stig takes a yellow Prius Prime plug-in hybrid for a spin on a race track. And guess what? The car handles surprisingly well. It even drifts around corners. That’s something you wouldn’t expect from a Prius. Watch the video and see for yourself. Can the new Prius really be fun to drive?


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