Production Go for Toyota’s S-FR Concept

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Production Go for Toyota's S-FR Concept
SFR Concept (by Toyota)

Car enthusiasts were hoping for a new Toyota Supra, so Toyota made one. The BMW Z4, which Toyota used as a base for the Supra, is ending production in March 2026. This means we might have to wait until late 2025 to find out what Toyota plans next. People are also still talking about the Toyota MR2. Toyota’s Chairman and ex-CEO, Akio Toyota, said he wanted three sports cars: the Supra, the GR86, and something small like the MR2.

Last year, rumors from Best Car magazine in Japan said Toyota was working with Toyota and Suzuki on a mid-engined hybrid sports car. Now, the newest rumor from Best Car is that executives approved the car for production.

However, there’s a bit of confusion about which car they’re talking about. Autocar’s report focuses on the S-FR concept from the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show. It’s a small 2+2 car, smaller than the old Scion FR-S, now known as the Toyota GR86. It was supposed to be a smaller version of the Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Production Go for Toyota's S-FR Concept
SFR Concept (by Toyota)

The old MR2 was smaller than the GR86 but bigger than the Miata. The rumored production version of the S-FR would be closer in size to the Miata, which might disappoint fans hoping for a new MR2.

Whether it’s called the MR2 or something else, if it comes out in 2026 or 2027 as rumored, Toyota will provide the chassis and front suspension. Suzuki will provide a turbocharged 1.3-liter engine with about 148 horsepower, and Daihatsu will make it easier to create different versions with interchangeable body panels.

This new car might be like the GR Yaris, a special model only available in Japan and Europe. The story even talks about the S-FR being created alongside a new subcompact hatchback for rallying, similar to the Lancia Ypsilon Rally4 HF. We’re also waiting to see if this connects with the Toyota FT-Se concept from last year, which was a lightweight electric sports car.


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