Volkswagen Registers Eight New Names for Upcoming Models

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Volkswagen Registers Eight New Names for Upcoming Models

Volkswagen has recently filed eight new trademarks across various intellectual property offices, primarily at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), with a couple more submissions made to Mexico’s and Chile’s respective equivalents.

These trademark filings suggest potential new vehicle names, possibly destined for markets beyond North America.

While the specifics remain speculative, it’s essential to refrain from seeking detailed information about these names from Volkswagen dealerships, as their significance is yet to be confirmed. Let’s delve into the names Volkswagen has proposed:

  • Airon
  • Angra
  • Hera
  • Tempus
  • Tera
  • Therion
  • Thron
  • Tukan

Each name carries unique connotations and possible interpretations. For instance, “Airon,” though devoid of an apparent meaning, shares a resemblance with “Ayron,” signifying “mountain of strength.” “Angra” holds various meanings, including “inlet” or “cove” in Portuguese, and a reference to a destructive spirit in the Zoroastrian faith.

Volkswagen Registers Eight New Names for Upcoming Models

Moving forward, “Hera,” derived from Greek mythology, represents the goddess associated with marriage and family. “Tempus,” Latin for “time,” and “Tera,” denoting “trillion,” offer diverse linguistic connections. Interestingly, “Therion,” meaning “wild animal” or “beast” in Greek, evokes biblical and scientific associations alongside its usage in music bands and taxonomy.

Volkswagen’s naming conventions often incorporate Greek mythology, binomial nomenclature, and musical influences, alongside German words and geographical features. Notably, many of its crossover and SUV models bear names starting with the letter “T,” albeit not uniformly.

While it remains uncertain how these newly trademarked names will be utilized, given Volkswagen’s historical patterns, they may find application primarily in crossover and SUV segments, aligning with the brand’s existing nomenclature trends.

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