Trademark Application Suggests Volkswagen ID. Lobo Electric Off-Road Buggy

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Volkswagen has recently filed for three intriguing trademarks with the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), hinting at potential new electric models in the pipeline.

Uncovered by the media, the trademarks include the names ID. LOBO, ID. RUN, and ID. CORE, with the “ID.” prefix, aligns with VW’s established naming convention for electric vehicles, such as ID. 4 and ID. Buzz, and ID. GTI.

All three trademarks, submitted on March 7, 2024, span various classifications, including toys, motor vehicle retail, buildings related to vehicle maintenance, and, notably, motor vehicles under class 12.

This specific classification encompasses electric vehicles (EVs), suggesting that these trademarks could indeed represent new model names. But what could they signify, and where might they find application?

The term ‘Lobo,’ translating to wolf in Spanish, holds significance within Volkswagen’s culture for several reasons. Notably, Volkswagen is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Moreover, the brand has a historical association with wolf-themed names.

Enthusiasts may recall the Volkswagen Lupo, a compact three-door hatchback produced from 1998 to 2005, where ‘Lupo’ also translates to wolf, albeit in Italian. There’s the Volkswagen Amarok, a midsize pickup truck, with ‘Amarok’ meaning wolf in the Inuit language.

The ‘Lobo’ name also carries historical weight within Volkswagen, harking back to the 1960s and 70s when a series of custom dune buggies based on the Beetle chassis were known as El Lobo.

Interestingly, Volkswagen recently filed trademarks, including ‘Angra,’ which holds significance due to a Brazilian coachbuilder called Angra, who was known for manufacturing VW-based buggies in the mid-80s.

The simultaneous filing of two buggy-related trademarks by VW sparks speculation regarding the potential launch of a new buggy-type vehicle.

It’s conceivable that Volkswagen aims to introduce such a vehicle, employing different names across various markets, with ‘Angra’ possibly targeting the South American market and ‘Lobo’ appealing to regions in middle and northern America.

The ‘ID.’ prefix suggests electrification, hinting at the utilization of the MEB platform or its evolved iteration, the MEB2 architecture.

The remaining two trademarks, ID. CORE and ID. RUN presents a degree of mystery as it lacks historical relevance within the VW brand. While ID. RUN might evoke associations with a marathon event hosted by VW in China, ID. CORE appears more suited for software or infotainment-related applications.

Trademark filings often serve to protect intellectual property, and their eventual utilization remains uncertain. Given the limited information accompanying these trademarks, speculation is inevitable. Hence, we invite your insights and opinions on these trademarks in the comments section.

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