Volkswagen’s Scout Brand Targets Ford and Chevrolet

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Volkswagen's Scout Brand Targets Ford and Chevrolet

Scout Motors has released a compelling video ahead of its imminent relaunch, setting its sights on competitors like the Ford Bronco. The video encapsulates Scout’s rich heritage, its present endeavors, and the promising trajectory for its future.

At the core of the clip is Scout’s legacy, tracing back to its inception and the development of its iconic off-roader. The narrative emphasizes Scout’s pioneering role in introducing a rugged yet versatile vehicle that doubles as both a utilitarian off-roader and a family-friendly ride.

While acknowledging the longstanding presence of formidable rivals like the Ford Bronco, Scout asserts its historical significance as an early entrant into the SUV market.

Volkswagen's Scout Brand Targets Ford and Chevrolet

The impending relaunch of Scout Motors is poised to make a significant impact. Despite being under the umbrella of the Volkswagen Group, Scout Motors will operate as an independent American brand, preserving its quintessentially American identity.

The brand seeks to evoke nostalgia and capture the essence of the era when its original model graced the roads.

According to the video, the original Scout off-roader symbolized more than just a vehicle; it embodied the spirit of adventure, hard work, and optimism that defined an entire generation of Americans. This sentiment, coupled with the pioneering nature of Scout’s products, garnered a dedicated following among trailblazers of the early ’60s.

Looking ahead, Scout Motors aims to revive the rugged charm and adventurous appeal of its predecessors with the introduction of the Scout Pickup and Scout SUV, both of which will be electric. Set for a reveal in 2024 and production in 2026, these offerings are expected to fill a void in the market for electric off-roaders.

To entice mainstream buyers away from established brands like Jeep and Ford, Scout Motors plans to offer competitive pricing, targeting an entry price of $50,000.

Leveraging cost-efficient battery production methods and potentially utilizing the Scalable Systems Platform, Scout intends to make electric vehicles more accessible to a wider audience.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Scout’s future factory in Blythewood, South Carolina, signifies a significant milestone in its journey. Moreover, the collaboration between Volkswagen and Scout hints at the possibility of developing Volkswagen-based electric trucks, potentially rivaling the likes of the F-150 Lightning.

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