Camp Anywhere in Comfort: New VW California Van Offers More Space and Hybrid Option

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vw new camper concept (credits; top gear)

Volkswagen just announced a redesigned California camper van, perfect for European explorers. This mini motorhome is roomier than before and even offers a hybrid engine option for eco-conscious campers.

The California comes in five flavors: Beach, Beach Tour, Beach Camper, Coast, and Ocean. All models feature a rooftop tent for sleeping under the stars, two sliding doors with mosquito nets for easy access, and an optional awning (standard in some areas) for relaxing shade.

Inside, the biggest change is the new individual rear seats (instead of a bench). These seats still fold flat for sleeping, but they also allow you to easily store bikes in the back.

The all-new VW Camper

For serious cooks, the Coast and Ocean models boast a redesigned kitchenette tucked in the back. This includes a sink, a single-burner gas stove, and cabinets, all accessible from outside the van. The Beach Camper keeps things simple with a permanent slide-out mini-kitchen featuring a gas stove, storage drawers, and a countertop.

No matter which model you choose, you’ll get plenty of storage thanks to the removable rear seats (each with a drawer) and multiple USB-C charging ports throughout the cabin. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and explore in comfort with the new VW California camper van!

For those who want extra tech features, the Beach Tour trim and above come with a special camper control unit. This lets you control stuff through the van’s infotainment system or even a smartphone app.

The VW California Camper

The fanciest model is the Ocean. It comes loaded with goodies like extra batteries, power outlets, heated seats, extra heating, a rooftop storage compartment, a folding table, and even a freshwater tank!

There are three engine choices for the new California, all shared with its sibling, the Multivan. You can choose between a turbodiesel engine, a gas engine, or the new plug-in hybrid option with all-wheel drive. The hybrid is also the most powerful option and can even tow a trailer!

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