by anushikha saxena 

best hyundai concept cars till date 

It was launched in 2015 with truck style ,  large sporty wheels and lime green colour accents.

10. hyundai santa cruz concept

This concept car was an extention of hyundai pony lineup launched in 1975. Earlier it was a compact sedan , later it was released with a fully electric powertrain 

9. hyundai pony concept

after the success of rm15 and rm16, hyundai launched rm19 in 2019 la autoshow. the car has 2.0 liter turbochared engine and a six speed racing gearbox.

8. hyundai rm19 concept 

it was released in 2020, by a south  korean manufacturer  hyundai. it evolves its design and give it a classic black look.

7. hyundai prophecy concept

it was launched with a turbochared 3-3 liter engine. however, it never got through  the production line. 

6. hyundai hnd-9 venance concept

it is one of the most recent concept cars launched by hyundai. it has a 577 horsepower electric powertrain and awesome looks 

5. hyundai rn22e concept

introduced in 2016 paris motor  show, it was based  on the i30 hatchback and has 2.0 liter turbochared  engin

4. hyundai rn30 concept

the car  has a  sporty look. it can go upto 60 miles per  hour  in  less than 3 seconds

3. hyundai n2025 vision gran turismo

this is the  latest hyundai concept car launched in 2022.  it has a great look

2. hyundai n vision 74 concept 

thiis car was also a throwback  of  80's heritage series. it has a  electric power train, new sound and light features. 

1. hyundai grandeur concept