BY esmina martins


Based on the American Humvee, the Hanma even evolved to a version used today with the initials "HMUV"

Dongfeng Hanma/Google

Dongfeng Hanma

Shamelessly based of the Porsche Macan, this car is one of the best knock-offs on the list. 

Zotye SR8/Google

Zotye SR8

The design of this car is split between the Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayenne but its function isn't worth it.

Huansu C60/Google

Huansu C60

A complete hybrid replica of the C1 Corvette which went silent since 2020. Chevrolet must sued them.

Songsan Dolphin/Google

Songsan Dolphin

The car was a great alternative to the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 which contained a Saab-like engine.

Beijing Auto BJ80 SUV/Google

Beijing Auto BJ80 SUV

One of the most famous copycat cars, this one was based of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. 

Beijing BJ80/Google

Beijing BJ80

Possibly the most ridiculous part of this car is that they didn't even change the Land Rover badges they copied.

Hunkt Canticie/Google

Hunkt Canticie

It definitely has nothing on the original Toyota Land Cruiser that its modeled after despite its good reviews.

Hengtian L4600/Google

Hengtian L4600

Even though we didn't create the Volkwagen Beetle, we're frustrated for them with this blatantly copied design.

Great Wall Manufacturing ORA Punk Cat/Google

Great Wall Manufacturing ORA Punk Cat