by ayush kumar

The real story behind al bundy's dodge.

The similarity in each of those sitcoms was that , they displayed a perfect life style...

credits: wikipedia

So when "Roseanne" and "Married with children" aired , it glued the audience to television...

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They portrayed the lives of working class Americans.

credits: The Washington post

And no one got as popular as Al Bundy, Everything in Al’s universe was jinxed, and the audience loved that about him...

His job as a shoe-sales associate was a dead end, his wife and kids were annoying, the neighbours were a headache, and his car that constantly broke down or ran out of gas was a total nightmare.

Not too many fans know that Al Bundy's Dodge is actually a Plymouth.

why was his dodge called a plymouth


A reason was not specified. But, it's said - Both the Dodge and Plymouth belong to the same company. So most probably, it was a marketing strategy.