BY esmina martins

Automobile Sales In THE U.S. as of June 2022 

The U.S. produces and sells a large amount and variety of vehicles per year...

Ford F-150 Raptor/Pinterest

This includes EV's, light weight trucks and SUV's

Chevrolet Silverado/Pinterest

So far, however, 2022 has consistently proved to be much less successful with sales than 2021...

Toyota RAV4/Pinterest

And June 2022 sales are only slightly better than that of May 2022

2022 Ram 1500/Vogue

In total, sales have fallen by...

17.8% for h1 of 2022

But why


Inventory shortages due to the pandemic play a part in this, however...

Toyota Tacoma/Pinterest

Inflation of price and interest rates cannot be overlooked...

Tesla model 3/Pinterest

And consumers will possibly continue to cut off luxuries like automobiles for other necessities