Bugatti unveils A new logo!

Bugatti unveils A new logo!

By Ritesh B

Bugatti, a producer of record-breaking performance cars, intends to transition to very costly luxury electric automobiles.

Although Bugatti is renowned for the Veyron and Chiron 4×4 W16 vehicle, the company is transitioning to electrical power to safeguard its future.

A simpler "EB" logo, representing the letters of business creator Ettore Bugatti, serves as the centrepiece of its new brand logo.

Bugatti has confirmed that the new logo will not be used on the vehicles.

Rather, the new symbol will be displayed at the firm's shops, the Ettore periodical, and other business locations, including the French Molsheim plant.

With in future, Bugatti will probably produce zero-emission vehicles, even if the successor for the Chiron is probably going to be a gasoline-hybrid.

The business is switching from its famed gasoline-powered hypercars to entirely new energy vehicles.

The current design lineup offerings from Bugatti are now sold out

Although manufacturing will continue until all outstanding orders have been satisfied.