By anushikha saxena 

GM CEO Mary Barra Says Chip Shortage Could Stretch Beyond 2023

General motors CEO said that they are going through a shortfall of parts due to the pandemic

mary berra/the ceo magzine 

This is not a new news that the prices of automobiles have increased excessively in the last few years

The reason behind this is the shortage of supply

There are many causes of less supply, one of which is the shortage of semiconductors because of the pandemic

How does the shortage of semiconductors affect car production


The automakers depend profoundly on semiconductors as they are required in making various sensors and computers used in the vehicles

They even have to keep almost ready vehicles in the factory as they await the semiconductors.

To stay away from the same problem for GM’s EV, Barra said that they are sourcing raw materials from the US, and  North America as much as possible

mary barra/ABC News

- Mary Barra


I think that this problem of chip shortage will last for a few more years may be till 2023,