Chrysler Airflow PReviews the Brand's EV Future

At the 2022 CES, Chrysler debuted the Airflow idea.

The SUV provides a sneak peek at the design and cutting-edge technology from upcoming Chrysler vehicles.

The first of 3 electric cars are scheduled for production from... 

2025 to 2028!

The Airflow demonstrates Chrysler's potential beneath Stellantis and positions the company as a family-friendly business and technological pioneer.

STLA, that will produce its first car in 2024, will be used for all next Chryslers.

A 118-kWh rechargeable battery powers the Airflow design and the mileage is predicted to be...

500 miles!

The Airflow emulates the design of the Pacifica Electric van to show off how much is achieved with a roomy cabin.

The new Airflow is expected to be priced at $50,000.

ExpecteD pricing