Class Action Lawsuit Launched Against Tesla Autopilot

Class Action Lawsuit Launched Against Tesla Autopilot

Tesla has established itself as a "dominating" player in the EV market

Tesla Model S/ Tesla

However, an owner of Tesla has dragged the CEO Elon Musk and company to the court

Tesla Court Case/ Bloomberg

The owner has filed a lawsuit against Tesla citing that it had misled its customers with the so-called "Autopilot"

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The lawsuit is filed in San Francisco's federal court

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The plaintiff said that Tesla hyped its tech to gather attention, seek investors, and increase its sales

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Recently, another case against Tesla on driving assistance has made some development

Tesla Court/ Bloomberg

California's DMV is seeking to ban Tesla's sale in the state

Tesla Model 3/ Teslarati

Tesla Autopilot can drive the car itself however still needs the driver's attention

Tesla Autopilot/ Tesla

To date, there are 38 cases against Tesla's driving assistance features running in the court

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