BMW X1 vs BMW X2: Which is better in performance?

By Ritesh B

It is a long going battle between the BMW X1 & X2. Today we compare both the entry level BMWs and their performance.

Both the cars offer the 18i and the 20i engine models for the petrol variants and 18d and 20d for the diesel variants.

BMW refers to its FWD and AWD systems as sDrive and xDrive, respectively, for the X1 and X2.

You may order the BMW X1 with new plug-in hybrid drivetrain. With its 1.5-liter engine and specifically created electric motor, the BMW X1 Hybrid xDrive25e can go up to 35 miles only on electricity.

This option is not present in the X2 model, as of now.

But the BMW X2 has a 4 cylinder twin turbo engine making it reach 0-62 mph in just 4.9 seconds 

What's different is that The X2 M35i, a powerful car with BMW M tuning, is part of the X2 lineup.

Because the BMW X1 doesn't provide a performance variant, the BMW X2 is your only choice if you want the benefits of both an SUV and a sports car.