DeLorean Could Build The Alpha2 With A V8

DeLorean Could Build The Alpha2 With A V8

The Legendary DeLorean is officially back in business

DeLorean/ Automotive Daily

The primary objective of DeLorean is to launch their all-new EV Alpha5

DMC Alpha5/ Lifestyle Asia

The automaker revealed a fictional concept of the Alpha2 in July

DMC Alpha2/ Motor1

The car is imagined with gullwing doors, low ground clearance, and a sleek and aerodynamic body

DMC Alpha2/ Motor1

Followed by huge requests from customers, DeLorean is thinking to push Alpha2 to the production

DMC Alpha2/ Motor1

The Alpha2 is a part of a DeLorean project called DMC-24 which never really started

DMC Alpha2/ KENS 5

The company has also revealed Alpha3 and Alpha4 concepts

DMC Alpha3/ Motor1

DeLorean's Alpha5 is a four-seater coupe expected to hit the market in 2024

DMC Alpha5/ The Verge

Only 88 Alpha5 will be made with a starting price of more than $100,000

DMC Alpha5/ NZ Autocar