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Domenicali's  Aversion To New Teams In F1 - Andretti Included

CEO of F1, Stefano Domenicali , has refuted any claims for F1 to need new teams such as...

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This announcement made with the Liberty Media comes at the backdrop of public ambitions of Andretti Global joining the ...


Domenicali has justified his stance by stating that...

The quality of teams and not the quantity will drive the competitiveness in  F1 racing.

- Stefano Domenicali


So the evaluation is not only with Andretti, the evaluation is with others that are respecting the silence on trying to be more productive on proving who they are, and respecting the protocol we have put in place.

Domenicali also revealed the fact that there were multiple other teams competing for a F1 debut, but the ultimate decision would be made by FIA President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

Domenicali has suggested that the best way for them would be to acquire a new team.

As for the Andretti question,