EPA Hits Two More Diesel Tuners With $10 Million Fine

EPA Hits Two More Diesel Tuners With $10 Million Fine

Two Michigan-based diesel tuning companies fined with penalty worth $10 Million

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These diesel tuners are Diesel Ops LLC and Orion Diesel LLC

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They were found to be violating the Clean Air Act with their diesel emission defeat devices

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Apart from this huge penalty, an additional penalty of $1 Million is imposed on the owner of both shops, Nicholas Piccolo

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To further stop sales of defeat devices, the judiciary has imposed a permanent injunction on both the companies and owner

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EPA's enforcement arm is taking every legal effort to curb the sale of such devices

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Earlier this year, Spartan Diesel Technologies was fined $1.2 Million

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The first company fined by EPA was Volkswagen in 2015 when it violated the Clean Air Act

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As of now, EPA has fined 40 companies selling the defeat devices

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