BY sanjana behera

Haval To Make An Electric Transition Within 8 Years

The Chinese SUV brand, Haval, has decided to go all electric by...



GWM, the Chinese automaker of which Haval is part, agreed to discontinue all IC-engines...

By the end of this decade!

Furthermore, it was confirmed by Haval's GM that EVs will account for...

80% of its sales by 2025!

The plans for electrification of Haval was made public during the debut of H6 Hybrid at...


-Mu Feng, GWM President


Today, the release of Haval ‘New Energy’ will start a new journey of the Haval SUV king.

electrification as the "New Energy" with a line-up of plug-ins, pure electrics, and HFCVs as its standout flagships.

GWM described this