BY sanjana behera

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Is Uniquely Inspired By The Porsche 911

Ever since Hyundai dropped the concept for its newest "electric streamliner", the Ioniq 6, it was always pitted against...


During a recent launch event in Australia, Hyundai's global CEO affirmed that he looks upto Porsche to build his own brand.

- Jaehoon Chang, CEO, Hyudai


The 911 doesn’t change. I’m not sure anyone can ever emulate something like the 911. It’s almost a perfect form until the next one comes along.”

why are the  cars  considered similar


An almost identical rear end

Hyundai logo being engraved below the forward dipping bonnet

The Ioniq 6 breaks free from the traditional Porsche mould by gearing up for a sustainable future with its N division.


the inspiration of Ioniq 6 goes way beyond the basics such as design and performance.

That's why