Japanese automakers face California gasoline regulatory cliff in 2026!

A fresh start for Japanese automakers is to substantially cut the number of gasoline-powered vehicle sales in California.

The government's air authorities passed new rules 

To Gradually phase out the sale of all gas-powered automobiles by 2035!

Car manufacturers must sell 35% of new cars that are zero-emissions starting with the 2026 design year under the terms of the State Air Resources Board's directive.

Since California represents for 12% of the U.S. vehicle market, automakers are forced to follow the law.

So, what will car makers have to do?

California will mandate that automakers build 100% zero-emission cars by 2035, up from the current requirement of 68% for the 2030 model year.

The kinds of vehicles that pass the test include...

Electric vehicles

Fuel-cell vehicles

Conventional hybrids are not recognised as zero-emission cars in California, and future customers of these cars will be prohibited there starting in 2035.