Legendary Supercar Designer Gordon Murray Goes Electric

Designer of legendary car McLaren F1 Gordon Murray is moving towards an electric future

Gordon Murray/ Bloomberg

After designing Formula One and Le-Mans winning cars, Gordon has decided to focus on the electrified future

Gordon Murray/ Top Gear

The R&D department of his automotive company is working to find the best-suited powertrain for their electrical future

Gordon Murray/ EVO India

And Gordon is pondering over refueling issue with the current electric powertrain and how to resolve it

Gordon Murray/ Autocar

During the SUV Program of the company, Gordon has revealed its two new supercars, T.50 and T.33

Gordon T.50/ Business Insider

Moreover, he announced that he will be heading the vehicle development section of his company

Gordon Murray/News24

Supercar designer Gordon Murray has promised to keep the fun of the actual driving experience in its upcoming EVs

Gordon Murray/ WhichCar

Everyone is hoping to get the EVs from Gordon Murray Automotive at a reasonable price

Gordon Murray/ Magzter

Just as Gordon Murray, in no time every auto giant will be electrified in the near future

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