Mercedes F1 Boss Insists Porpoising May Cause Brain Damage in Drivers

By Ritesh B

Since the beginning of the season Mercedes team Principal Toto Wolff has been outspoken about he porpoising problem.

The often severe bumpiness of F1 race vehicles known as porpoising are caused by the improved mechanics of this year's models.

Wolff has now claimed that the bumpiness may cause brain damage to the drivers.

"The FIA has commissioned medical work on the porpoising. The summary of the doctors is that frequency of 1-2 Hz, sustained over a few minutes, can lead to brain damage. We have 6-7 Hz over several hours."  Wolff stated in an interview.

Other teams have discarded the claim and said that Wolff is exaggerating.

They claimed that this might be another one of Toto's tactics to hinder the progress of other teams.

The porpoising problem is not only painful to the drivers but also reduces car performance,

Since the start of the season, Mercedes is the team which has struggled the most to counter the porpoising problem.

Several teams, like Red Bull and Ferrari, have found a solution to the bouncing problem and assert that it is an engineering problem rather than a security one.