BY esmina martins

Here's Why the Mercury Montego GT Doesn't Appeal to Gearheads

Muscle cars had a good run in their own time but as the times change...

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Due to a more educated and conscious consumer base, oil-powered vehicles such as muscle cars...

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But why the Mercury Montego GT specifically


Though the Montego is a muscle car, there are many other factors that play into its low popularity such as...

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There were several quality issues and the rust problem was perhaps the worst one. Good luck finding an old Montego in good shape.

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Quality Problems

Not only was it released during a time when muscle cars were not preferred, but the efforts to promote it were also abysmal.

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Bad Marketing

The standard engine was below par with its competitors. The horsepower didn't rise to the occassion.

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The Engine

Designers sought the popular market but instead of succeeding, they ended up with a run-of-the-mill design while following the trends.

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The Design