Maserati Introduces The Awesome MC20-Based Project24 Supercar!

By Ritesh B

The MC20 Supercar by Maserati became insanely popular among auto fans.. 

Now, Maserati is planning to launch another supercar, which will be based on the MC20 build.

Maserati is regarding its MC20-based track-only hyper car as a concept and calling it the Project24.

It will be based on the MC20 car's specifications but will also be more improved and powerful.

Comparing the Project24's appearance to the MC20 street supercar, it looks strikingly different.

It will have a 3 liter V6 Engine, the same as the MC20 but will include new turbochargers, increasing the power output to...

740 HP

The Project24 car will follow and abide the FIA safety and track regulations.