Polestar 2 Didn't Make it Through the Moose Test!

Polestar 2 Didn't Make it Through the Moose Test!

The Polestar 2 is among the top EV alternatives because of its low centre of mass, and potent electrical drivetrain.

It's one of our favorite hybrid cars now on offer, offering a useful interior and a comfortable sporty sedan.

But the car has now failed the Moose Test!

The greatest amount of recovery active, attempting to go faster results in understeer and the car crashing into the obstacles.

The operator selected the least amount of regenerative braking at 46 mph, which allowed the car to pass successfully through the braking zone.

A 22-meter speed test was conducted throughout the test as well as evaluation of the car all around poles.

The Polestar 2 was completely revamped with a quicker charge time and a stronger motor controller in the single subject.

The upgrade also includes an enhanced and optimized heat pump, increasing the vehicle's efficiency down to -7 Celsius.

The racer was able to complete the downhill cleanly and at a fairly high pace thanks to the strong hold of the tyres and the low amount of body roll.