Elon Musk claims Tesla’s autonomous tech will be released by the end of the year!

Elon Musk, the Founder of Tesla, asserted that by the conclusion of this year, self driving Tesla automobiles would be driving on US roads.

Tesla is prioritizing the development of self driving cars. The company intends to introduce the cars in the United States and Eu by 2023.

Before even the conclusion of 2022, the Tesla Chief has stated, the firm's self driving technology will be "perfectly safe than a person."

Currently, three "Main Or secondary" semi-autonomous operating technologies are available in Tesla automobiles.

Complete Self is the most contentious of Tesla's semi-autonomous technologies.....

....even though its only improvement is the capacity to recognise and halt for road signs and signals.

So, what did elon musk exactly say?

elon musk


The two technologies I am focused on, trying to ideally get done before the end of the year, are getting our (SpaceX) Starship into orbit ... and then having Tesla cars to be able to do self-driving”

Once it becomes accessible, the program's functionalities can be unlocked by placing an order with Tesla for $10,100.