BY esmina martins

The Kia XCeed Gets A Sharper Look!

The XCeed has been out since 2019 but Kia certainly hasn't slept on it. 

Kia XCeed/Google

After the recent changes made to the Ceed, XCeed was next in line for a facelift.

Perhaps the most talked about is how this body is now, for the first time, available in...

Kia XCeed/Google


Want to see the changes


For starters, the car now has taillights with a stylish honeycomb-like pattern...

Kia XCeed/Google

And a new front end with a refreshed grille and LED headlights

It has also received some tweaks to steering for smoother user experience...

Kia XCeed/Google

And though the interior changes are minimal, it will come with new configurations and a revised safety system

Get ready for a better looking car with even better features than before!