The Rolls-Royce Ghost Prism Exhibits Subdued Psychedelic Elements

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Rolls-Royce reveals its latest creation, the Ghost Prism, drawing inspiration from contemporary design trends. While the brand retains its traditional charm, it demonstrates a keen embrace of modern aesthetics—a stark departure from its conventional image.

This shift towards a more fashionable approach reflects the evolving tastes of its clientele, a symbiotic relationship highlighted by the brand’s design director, Anders Warming:

“At Rolls-Royce, we are guided by the preferences of our discerning clientele, many of whom set the tone for global fashion and luxury trends. The Ghost Prism embodies the personal aesthetic of a distinct subset within this influential group. […] It celebrates the unique connection we share with them.”

The allure of the Ghost Prism lies in its meticulous attention to detail. Its Gunmetal Grey exterior undergoes an elaborate 10-step process, resulting in a rich “mineral” finish.

Each component, meticulously coated in a high-gloss smoked black-grey finish called Burnout, receives careful hand polishing—a labor-intensive process that ensures unparalleled depth and luster.

Complementing this monochromatic elegance are vibrant accent colors—Phoenix Red, Turchese, Mandarin, and Forge Yellow—applied to select elements like the lower bumper, brake calipers, and coaching, offering a striking contrast.

This colorful theme extends into the cabin, adorning the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, and door panels, culminating in Rolls-Royce’s signature Starlight Headliner—a captivating display of craftsmanship featuring 1,040 hand-punched light holes.

Limited to 120 units, the Ghost Prism marks a milestone in Rolls-Royce’s illustrious 120-year history. While the company’s anniversary holds promise for future innovations, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate forthcoming releases, including the anticipated facelifted Ghost and the possibility of a special edition Spectre, signaling exciting developments from the prestigious marque.

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