Rivian R1X: A Potential Competitor to Tesla Cybertruck

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Fresh from unveiling its lineup of electric vehicles slated to lead the brand’s trajectory into the latter half of the decade, Rivian has recently applied for a trademark for yet another new vehicle: the R1X. The filing was submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and was initially unearthed by a member of the Rivian Forums community.

While the trademark registration dates back to 2021, it’s crucial to temper expectations considering the timeframe. However, the timing of our discovery doesn’t negate the possibility of this potential new model. Rivian has already articulated its plans to introduce a minimum of six new models, underscoring the likelihood of the R1X becoming a reality.

The Potential Scope of the R1X Moniker

The recent unveiling of the compact R3 model introduced a novel nomenclature, appending the letter X to denote a performance-oriented variant of existing models.

These X-badged iterations are poised to represent Rivian’s high-performance counterparts akin to Tesla’s Performance-branded models, boasting sportier aesthetics and enhanced specifications.

While specific details remain scarce, insights gleaned from the R3X suggest that the R1X, if greenlit for production, could potentially manifest as an even more robust truck or SUV. Earlier leaks hinted at the R1X potentially boasting a staggering 1,200 horsepower and a pronounced focus on off-road capabilities.

Several Other Models May Take Priority

Should a high-performance variant akin to the R1S or R1T materialize, it would logically debut alongside Rivian’s most advanced hardware configuration, featuring a quad-motor setup and an extensive battery known as the Max Pack.

However, setbacks in delivering this configuration have been persistent since its inception, rendering the discovery of the new trademark somewhat speculative.

Rivian has secured trademarks for numerous other designations, including R3S (potentially redundant post-R2’s unveiling), R4S, R5S, R4T, and R5T, alongside variations like R1A, R1C, R1V, and more.

While the possibility of the R1X remains plausible, its arrival is likely contingent on the culmination of newer product launches bolstering production volumes and sales figures, suggesting a potential timeline towards the end of the decade.

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