Ford Lightning Vs. Tesla’s Cybertruck: Tesla has an edge

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The battle of Ford Lightning Vs. Tesla’s Cybertruck is on. Tesla’s Cybertruck is not even in production yet and is still a competition for several electric trucks. The battle of electric vehicles will never end because the electric generation is just started. In this battle, the two new players are Cybertruck and Ford’s F-150 Lightning. The 2023 Cybertruck is a better option than Ford F-150 Lightning. Even with the name of the iconic F-150 truck, the Ford Lightning won’t be able to capture the competition. The production of Cybertruck is yet to start in 2023. It will be a multiutility pickup truck. Tesla’s electric truck comes with a unique design. It will have sharp angular edges.

On the other hand, Ford has already rolled out the bookings for F-150 Lightning. What are the differences between the two electrified trucks, and how is Tesla’s Cybertruck a step ahead? Let’s find these answers in the article.

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Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ford F-150 Lightning

First, let’s discuss the specifications and features offered on both the pickups. Cybertruck will have an option of single or dual motor choices. The single motor version would be able to cover 250 miles of range on a single charge. Also, it will have a two-wheel drive. The dual motor trim will be able to go 300 miles, and it will come with an all-wheel drive option. Tesla will also offer a tri-motor model. It will have to be an All-wheel drive range of 500 miles.

On the other hand, Ford Lightning gets two battery sizes. The smaller battery can cover 230 miles, and the bigger version of the battery can extend this range to 300 miles. Both the batteries will power two motors on the Lightning. Details about the power of Cybertruck are not yet disclosed, so comparing these numbers won’t be fair.

Lightning vs cybertruck
Ford Lightning Vs. Tesla’s Cybertruck

Coming up to the design part, Cybertruck is a more futuristic and electrified version of pickup than the Lightning. Ford’s Lightning gets the standard shape and size of a pickup truck. In contrast, Cybertruck will have a unique shaped angular body. Ford F-150 Lightning can carry freight or load up to 10,000 lbs, while Cybertruck will carry anywhere between 7,500-14,000 lbs.

Ford Lightning Vs. Tesla’s Cybertruck: What Are The Features That Set Cybertruck Apart?

The key feature of Cybertruck, which is not available in other pickup trucks, is that Tesla’s electric truck can provide a seating option for six passengers. There will be three seats each in the front and rear rows. On the other hand, not only Lightning but all the other electric trucks in the range doesn’t offer this option. Easily, Cybertruck has the edge over this thing. Cybertruck will not have door handles. The doors will open through technology. As soon as the passenger arrives near the truck, it automatically opens the door. Well, this is just a Tesla thing. Ford or any other pickup truck doesn’t offer the same. Therefore, Cybertruck has some more technological benefits, lacking in Ford’s Lightning.

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These were the major difference between Ford Lightning and Tesla’s Cybertruck. Thus, these key points were enough to justify why Cybertruck has the edge over Lightning.


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