What Is Houston’s Car Asylum?

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car Asylum
CC: The Car Asylum

Houston’s car asylum is an elite automobile storage shelter and lounge. This car asylum is spread across 130k sq ft. It is a collector car storage, a private space for the car club meetups, and an entertainment lounge. This car asylum is primarily for those people who are car enthusiasts and have a huge collection of cars, but they can’t keep more than two or three cars in their garage. These people can park and store their cars in this Asylum. Also, these cars are maintained by professionals. There is a staff for 24 hours. These cars will be protected from any damage in this Asylum. You can give storage to any of your cars. For example, this Asylum can handle all cars, an SUV, sedan, hatchback, or be its sports car, electric car, or vintage car.

Keep reading the article to know more about this car asylum.

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Where Is Houston’s Car Asylum Located?

The Asylum is situated in southwest Houston. The full address is 7268 Renwick Dr. Houston, Texas 77081. You can also reach out to the people at this car asylum via their official website, Facebook page, or LinkedIn page. This car asylum is located among the crazy car lovers, providing all the necessary facilities to the customers. Also, Houston is home to many classic and vintage cars.

Houston Car Asylum
CC: The Car Asylum

What Are All The Facilities The Houston Car Asylum Provides?

The Houston car asylum provides a storage facility that offers a new home for your awesome car. This Asylum is not only limited to storage, but it also offers services like maintenance, restoration, and protection. The Houston car asylum can store hundreds of cars in their 130k sq ft storage unit. Wow, isn’t that amazing? Having hundreds of cars under one roof is just next to heaven for a car lover. Though, we believe a crazy car lover built this car asylum.
People can also use this Asylum for private meetings, car club meetups, and entertainment. Car lovers can bring their exotic cars and have a little meetup in this facility. The facility provides safe storage and protection to your car. It offers fire protection, and they have security cameras and a security team for theft. It will be a home-like facility for your car.

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Well, facilities like these are great initiatives for those people who have storage problems. Countries with most cars and motor vehicles should have at least one facility.


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