Is NASCAR Plotting For EV Race Cars?

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NASCAR had already revealed that they would bring in electric car racing in a few years, but it will happen this soon was never expected. The information was leaked on the website of Kickin’ the Tires. The leaked documents mention their plans to launch an electric series the following year. NASCAR is all set to bring electric versions of the race cars for the upcoming series in 2023.

The next NASCAR event is on Monday, 25th July 2022. The NASCAR Cup Series championship will be held on 7th November 2022. The prototype of the electric racing car will be displayed at L.A. Coliseum pre-season event in February next year. Read more about this document leak and the future of NASCAR in this article.

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Electric Vehicle Race Details You Need To Know About!

The electric car racing was no surprise until this document was leaked. NASCAR had already informed us about the E.V. race, but they didn’t confirm the time it would take to launch such a race series. Eventually, we learned about this plan in a document leak of Kickin’ the Tires. We knew that electric races would take over the normal races, but we didn’t know that it would happen this soon. The cars used in these electric car race series will be fully electric. These E.V.s will have an all-wheel drive. These electric motors will generate approximately 1,000 horsepower. We are all set to experience drizzling electric cars on the tracks.

There will be just 12 electric cars in the race, and the event will be divided into two 30-minute events. The main of NASCAR will be to make these events as exciting as the conventional races. To match the same level of excitement, we would want the loud noises to experience the same thrill. But as we know that electric cars don’t produce sound, NASCAR is making additional efforts to bring that thrilling factor.

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But The Details About NASCAR Are Not Confirmed!

In a recent interview, NASCAR refused to confirm the details of the 2023 E.V. race. They stated that, as they have mentioned earlier, they are still exploring the E.V. to bring it to the NASCAR events. It is not yet finalized, and they are working with partners and race teams to make it happen. NASCAR said they are considering a car made with a transaxle-type gearbox where you can add a hybrid configuration. It is clear from this statement that we could expect E.V. races very soon.

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Therefore, we don’t know how people will react to this change, but we are sure it is better for the future and the environment. However, there is no official detail about the E.V. race out yet, but we expect those document leaks were correct. Also, we will update you as soon as NASCAR brings in something exciting. Till then, keep reading related articles on DaxStreet.

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