Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS: The Futuristic EV

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Vision EQS
CC: Mercedes-Benz

Add one more entry to the world of EVs. This time it’s from Mercedes-Benz. The all-new prototype of Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS is out for testing. This prototype is said to travel a range of more than 1000kms on a single charge. To be exact, till now, Vision EQS has recorded a range of 1202 kilometers. In the previous tests, this prototype could travel for 1008 kilometers. This car is built with only one motive: to travel a thousand km on a 100kWh battery pack.

The all-electric production sedan by Mercedes-Benz, EQB, was also once a concept car. We expect that, just like the previous electric cars carved from prototypes, the Vision EQSS also finds its place in the market. Recent tests prove that there were no mechanical problems on a long-distance drive. This electric car is made perfectly for long-distance travel. Let’s read more about this prototype and how it is so efficient.

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Specifications Of The Prototype Vision EQS

This futuristic electric vehicle was just made in time 18 months. With all the efficiency and range, the time taken to complete this prototype is commendable. If we talk about the looks of this car, then we can see a total futuristic aerodynamic body. Curved front with a sleek and sharp back, this prototype reflects a perfect combination of a fast and stylish car. And now, if we have come to the power of this car, let’s talk more about what this car will offer under the hood.

This all-electric car will come with a 100kWh battery pack. As we mentioned above, it can cover a range of 1202 kilometers. Although, this car doesn’t have quick acceleration. It will take 7 seconds to accelerate from zero to sixty mph. The latest test is just offering a top speed of 140kmph. We hope these numbers will not come with the production model. Mercedes-Benz has shown us some really good records, and we expect the same or even better. With all the efficiency and high range, the users will not compromise with the acceleration at the end. However, this prototype produces 200 horsepower. Again we have all the rights to be disappointed. But let’s not judge this EV based on its prototype.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS
CC: Mercedes-Benz

What is Mercedes-Benz Offering For The Looks Of The Vision EQS?

This futuristic prototype will come with all the dynamic looks and design. It will be a head turner for sure. With the current prototype, we can see that it will come with a carbon fiber body. EQS will also have some elements of aluminum and magnesium. All the elements combined will add up to around 3890 pounds to the weight of this car. From the front end, we can see that this car will have an aggressive stance with curved sides. And if we go with the seam, the rear end is sharp and has a sleek back. It is expected that the Vision EQS will come with a flat floor in the interiors. Now, coming to the interiors, we believe Mercedes-Benz will provide with same 32-inch hyper screen wrapped all over the dashboard.

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These were all of the features and specifications of this prototype, and we are way too excited for the new prototype or maybe the production unit. We expect this futuristic car to have more power and better performance. Though, the efficiency and range have impressed us well. Well, share your opinions on this prototype Mercedes-Benz in the comments.


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