Solar Car Sion Will Begin It’s Production Soon

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Solar car
CC: Sono Motors

After several years of development, Sion will finally make its place on the production line. Sion is a solar-powered car by Sono motors. Sion will have 456 solar cells on the exterior body. While the automotive giants and new startups are preparing for electric vehicles, Sono motors are bringing an amazing piece of technology here. It will be a truly green car. It is a solar-powered car. Therefore it will only use the sun’s energy to charge and accelerate. Sion is preparing to launch a more affordable option than an electric car.

Sono motor is a German automotive startup. It focuses on cars that run on electricity or solar power. This company was founded in 2012. Since then, the founders have been working on a solar-powered car. In 2021, the company decided to start producing this solar-powered car by 2023. Recently, they announced that the production will start in 2023, and Valmet Automotive will manufacture their vehicles. Valmet Automotive is a Finnish automotive contract manufacturer. This company was founded in 1968. They also supply components of battery systems. Now, they are also dealing in EV systems.

In this article, we will discuss the Solar powered car, Sion. We will see how this car works and what its specifications are.

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Sion: The Solar Powered Car

This solar car is a 5-door hatchback. It will come with a front-wheel drive. It is mounted with a lithium-ion battery which can be charged with the help of an electric grid or solar energy. This is a prototype car now, but soon the production of this solar car will start. We will see this car on the roads by the later months of 2023. Sion can fit five people in it. This car has a unique air filtration method in the interiors. There is a moss attached to the dashboard of the car. Moss is a small plant that helps in the air’s filtration. Sono motors claim that the moss can filter 20% of the air in the car. This plant will not only provide filtration but will also enhance the interiors of the solar car.

sion solar car
CC: Sono Motors

What Are The Specifications Of The Sion? How Does It Work?

Sion is an electric and solar-powered car. It is equipped with a 120kW electric motor. A lithium-ion battery powers this motor. The range of Sion on the battery pack is 250km. The alternative to the electric motor is the solar cells. These cells are attached to the body and the roof of the car. The cells are embedded at a 70-degree angle so that these cells can absorb the solar power to its full capacity. The average range provided by these cells will be around 10-15 kms a day. In the brighter regions, where the sun shines most of the time, this average could increase to 20kms also. Although, these figures are from the test of the prototype models. We can expect a better efficiency and longer range with the production model.

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We are eagerly waiting for this solar-powered car. It is a revolution in the automobile industry. The expected price of this solar car will be around $26,000.


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