Cadillac Introduced Three New IMSA Editions For CT4-V Blackwing

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Cadillac IMSA edition
CC: Cadillac

In 2020, Cadillac introduced the CT4. Along with the CT4, this American automotive giant launched CT5 and the limited version “V” models. The V-series of these two cars are termed collectible units. The V versions of both the cars came with serialized plates on the sills. Earlier this year, Cadillac introduced a limited edition CT5-V Blackwing as the 120th Anniversary model. This model was also termed as Collector’s unit. And one more time, the American automakers are out with the V version of the CT4 Blackwing.

This time, Cadillac introduced three new track editions of the CT4-V. These three models are named Watkins Glen IMSA edition, Road Atlanta IMSA edition, and Sebring IMSA edition. All of these editions will launch at a different time of the year. These limited editions will also come with serialized plates and a B-pillar mark. All the three cars will get only 99 units. Cadillac will produce 297 units of the new limited edition models. The American automaker produces these cars to participate in the IMSA Sportscar Championship with new models. Cadillac already has a presence in the IMSA with the Cadillac DPi-V.R. Since 2017, they have won 28 times. The three new cars will be dedicated to three different race tracks of the IMSA. In this article, we will discuss all three cars.

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Details About The Watkins Glen IMSA Edition

This IMSA edition track car will come with a bright blue color scheme. The wheels will get royal blue brakes. This color scheme is inspired by the light blue guardrails of the Watkins Glen track. For the interiors of this car, you will get a black cabin with sky gray or Signet touches. This car will be the first IMSA edition available on the market. It is set to roll into the production line somewhere in the later months of 2022. The expected arrival of the Watkins Glen IMSA edition car will be in the early months of 2023.

Watkins Glen IMSA edition
CC: Cadillac

Details About The Cadillac Sebring IMSA Edition

The next model which will get into production will be the Road Atlanta. It will follow Watkins Glen, and the production for Sebring will start in January 2023. This special edition car will have a Maverick Noir Frost exterior, bronze brakes, and side mirrors. The interiors of this car will have the same black cabin with gray touches or a Signet accent.

Sebring IMSA edition
CC: Cadillac

Details About The Cadillac Road Atlanta IMSA Edition

Finally, the Road Atlanta IMSA edition will go into production. This car will step in for production in February. The Road Atlanta will come in a dark rift color. It will have red brakes. Also, there will be a few more red touches on the exterior part of the car. These interiors will come in a black setting with red or sky-gray touches.

Road Atlanta IMSA edition
CC: Cadillac

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Therefore, these three dedicated models will be available for sale in the market from the early months of 2023. Cadillac hasn’t released any official release date yet. The expected price tag for this Cadillac will be around $65,000 to $70,000.



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