What To Expect From The New Nissan Z NISMO?

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Nissan NISMO
CC: Nissan

The new Nissan Z NISMO is said to be the fastest Z by Nissan. This iconic Japanese car will get a NISMO variant which will be sportier, faster, and quicker than the normal Z. NISMO will be more aggressive-looking, and it will get restyled front and rear bumpers. The NISMO was spotted twice while testing. First, it was seen on a Japanese racetrack. Now, it was spied testing in Los Angeles. The spied pictures showcase the covered bumpers of the NISMO.

Nissan recently unveiled the new generation of the Z. The new Z will probably be launched in the last quarter of 2022 or the early months of 2023. Following the launch of Z, Nissan will reveal the NISMO variant. They have been testing the prototype for months now. NISMO will be a great addition to the lineup of Nissan Z. It will add more speed and a few better features than the standard Z variant. Well, we have some information on the new variant of Z. Read about the NISMO variant and how it differs from the Z in this article.

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What Do The Spied Images Tell About The NISMO Variant?

At first glance, we can see the bumpers covered in a camo pattern. Black color Nissan Z is visible with the same body structure as the new Z. It is said that the NISMO will get Recaro seats just like the 370Z. This prototype Z NISMO will also change the bumper’s middle part. It appears to be wider for fast cooling. This change is also making a difference in the looks of the car. It will create a difference between the NISMO and the current Z variants. The spied images show these minor changes and the wrapped-up front end.

Nissan Z NISMO

How Is The NISMO Different From The Standard Z?

We have seen the NISMO variant only in the spied pictures yet. Although, minor differences were seen. Nissan has wrapped the front and rear bumpers of the NISMO prototype. So, it is certain that the new variant will get different bumpers and be more aerodynamic efficient. The rear of the NISMO gets a different spoiler than the Z. To provide more speed and stability, Nissan has also updated the rear spoiler.

The new variant will get 19-inch forged alloy wheels, while the Z variant will come with these alloys in an optional variant. The interiors will get a setup of Recaro seats not offered in the current model. NISMO will also get the finishes of the Alcantara trim. The rest of the features are the same in both variants. Apart from the looks and basic features, NISMO will have a better engine or a more efficient engine.

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This was all the information available about the spied Nissan Z NISMO. We will update you with more details on this new variant as soon as the company discloses it.


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