Allegedly, an Uber Eats driver declined to deliver Plan B

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Allegedly, an Uber Eats driver declined to deliver Plan B.
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A recent incident involving an Uber Eats delivery driver has sparked controversy, as their personal beliefs appeared to obstruct the completion of an order, leaving the customer seeking assistance to understand what transpired.

The issue arose when the customer placed an order for Plan B, an emergency contraceptive, which the driver declined to deliver.

The customer shared their experience on the r/UberEats subreddit, explaining their urgent need for Plan B and their decision to order it through Uber Eats from a nearby CVS.

However, the delivery process encountered delays, with the driver taking an extended time to reach the CVS and subsequently spending additional time outside the store before sending a troubling message to the customer.

The message from the delivery person expressed their refusal to deliver Plan B due to personal beliefs, stating, “…I can not deliver this knowing what it will do.”

This response suggested a misunderstanding of the contraceptive’s purpose, equating it with an abortion pill rather than emergency contraception. Furthermore, the driver failed to cancel the order, preventing the customer from seeking an alternative delivery option.

Allegedly, an Uber Eats driver declined to deliver Plan B

The customer, feeling embarrassed and upset by the situation, sought advice from the subreddit community on how to proceed. Suggestions included filing a safety incident report with Uber to address the delivery person’s inappropriate behavior and unsolicited religious advice.

While Uber Eats policies allow drivers to decline delivery opportunities, this incident raises concerns about the driver’s conduct, particularly their obstruction of the delivery process.

The customer’s experience underscores the importance of separating personal beliefs from professional responsibilities, especially in situations involving sensitive healthcare needs.

Efforts to reach Uber for comment on the matter are underway, and further updates will be provided upon their response.

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