Ford Mustang 2024: Everything You Need To Know About The All-New Beast

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Ford Mustang 2024
Ford Mustang 2024

Ford Mustang 2024 is a facelift model of the iconic car Mustang. Ford’s Mustang has ruled the American muscle car market for years. Due to its power and performance, this American muscle car has been people’s favorite for a long time. Mustang will celebrate its 60th birthday in 2024. Therefore, to mark this year, Ford is set to release a new version of this legendary car with a few upgrades and changes. Also, this new Mustang will be the Seventh generation of this car. The seventh generation will come with a revised exterior, which is expected to have revamped interiors.

Ford Mustang made its mark in the automobile market in 1964. It is one of the longest-running production cars of Ford. The American car brand sold 1 million units of Mustang within two years of its release. Today, in this article, let’s discuss the upcoming seventh-generation Mustang.

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Ford Mustang 2024: What’s new?

What Is The Engine And Performance Of The 2024 Mustang?

Although no official details are yet, this muscle car is expected to get a hybrid version. There could be a turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four engine. Therefore it can produce 320 horsepower. We expect Ford to upgrade the power, and the new Mustang will get better output. It is said that a six-speed manual and ten-speed automatic transmission will be equipped with this engine.

What Are The Variants & Price Of The 2024 Mustang?

Ford will release Mustang in two variants: EcoBoost and GT. The all-new EcoBoost GT is expected to be launched for $30,000. And the GT version of this American muscle car is expected to get a price tag of $40,000. Well, these prices are just expected prices according to the current models. The upgrades and the makeover will increase the prices. It is said that Ford will release a GT3 model in collaboration with Multimatic Motorsports.

Ford Mustang 2024
Ford Mustang 2024

Will The New Mustang Get Revamped Interiors?

The new Mustang is expected to get a bigger and better infotainment system than the previous one. The 2022 Mustang has an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, but it is not so modern and user-friendly. Although the switches and the knobs are high quality, we hope to see a better infotainment system in the new generation. Finally, after six generations of the iconic car, we can see a squared-off bottom steering wheel in the 2024 Mustang. That will make the steering wheel look more sporty and sleek. There could be the same dual-color dashboard with the Mustang badging on it.

What Can We Expect From The Exterior Looks?

Unlikely the previous model, it will be on a new chassis this time. S650 is the new base for the 2024 Mustang. The looks will have a wider feel with more sharpy and edgy bumpers. It will get a new larger front grille with the Mustang logo in the center. It is expected in both coupe and convertible versions. Also, the prototypes were seen in orange, white, and yellow colors.

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So, this was all the details available about the Ford Mustang 2024. We will make more details available as soon as the company releases it. Though, the excitement for this car is on a high as we expect it to offer a beast performance with its sheer beauty.


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