Used Tesla Cybertruck Listed by Florida Dealer for Nearly $300,000

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Used Tesla Cybertruck Listed by Florida Dealer for Nearly $300,000

The anticipation surrounding the Tesla Cybertruck has led to exorbitant prices in the resale market. Recently, a Florida-based Porsche dealer secured one through a Manheim auction, shelling out a staggering $244,000. Now, the same dealership has put the vehicle up for sale at a jaw-dropping price of nearly $300,000.

Listed as the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series, Porsche South Orlando is offering it for $289,999, marking a hefty $46,000 increase from their auction acquisition and almost three times its original manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Notably, this model falls short of being a Cyberbeast, which commands an even higher price point from the outset.

However, Tesla has stringent policies against such resale markups, which could entail penalties of up to $50,000 for sellers, with potential obligations to return the vehicle to the company.

Despite Tesla’s current listings for the All-Wheel Drive variant starting at $76,390 and the Cyberbeast at $96,390, delivery timelines remain uncertain due to undisclosed reservation backlogs and production figures. Although initial production numbers were modest, it’s anticipated that Tesla will scale up production throughout 2024.

Used Tesla Cybertruck Listed by Florida Dealer for Nearly $300,000

While it might be tempting to single out this dealer for the significant markup, they are just one of many seeking lucrative returns. A cursory search on CarGurus reveals several “used” Cybertrucks listed for over $200,000, with one notably priced at an eye-popping $300,000. Similar pricing trends were observed with the GMC Hummer EV during its initial release.

John Clay Wolfe, CEO of, disclosed on his YouTube show that his company was responsible for selling the Cybertruck at Manheim. He mentioned acquiring the vehicle for $210,000 from a private seller.

Wolfe also indicated that his company attempted to procure multiple cyber trucks but faced challenges in finding sellers willing to contest Tesla’s penalty clause, which deterred potential sellers with its $50,000 penalty threat.

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