2024 Toyota 4Runner: Detailed Review

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2024 Toyota 4Runner
CC: Toyota

The world’s largest automaker, Toyota, has unveiled one more car in its Lineup of SUVs and off-road vehicles. It is the 2024 Toyota 4Runner. Toyota has always focused on the highest-selling segments. Therefore, it has made them a huge player in the automotive market. Recently, Toyota revealed the upcoming new generation Toyota Tundra and Toyota Sequoia. Now, the next in production will be the 2024 Toyota 4Runner. This new generation of 4Runner will be introduced later in 2023.

The new launch will mark the 40th anniversary of the 4Runner. To mark this event, Toyota will introduce limited edition models of the 4Runner. These anniversary models will get different body graphics and colors than the normal version. One of the limited editions will be white and red, while the other will be black painted with the tricolor stripes. These models will also get bronze-colored wheels. Inside the cabin, there will be touches of bronze in the shift knob and the seats’ stitching. Only 4040 units of this limited edition 4Runner will be produced. Read more about the specifications of the 2024 4Runner.

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Pricing And Variants Of The 2024 4Runner

Toyota has offered a lot of variants to the Lineup of the new 4Runner. This new SUV cum truck will be available in 14 different trims. If we talk about the base trim SR5, it is priced at $39,000. This variant will get all the standard equipment. As we move upward, it also gets the Premium, Sport, and Off-road variants. The 40th-anniversary Limited edition model will be available with a price tag of $46,955. TRD Pro is the top variant in the 4Runner Lineup. Thus, it will come at $55,000.

2024 4Runner
CC: Toyota

How Is The Performance Of The 4Runner?

All the variants of the 4Runner will be equipped with a 4.0-liter V-6 engine. Toyota said it will offer all models a hybrid powertrain by 2025. As of now, 4Runner doesn’t come with hybrid versions. A five-speed automatic transmission powers the V-6 engine. It will come with a rear-wheel drive with an option of four-wheel drive. The all-new 4Runner takes 7.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60mph. Although it takes a lot of time to accelerate, it is a great off-road vehicle. Also, the 4.0-liter V-6 engine will produce 270 horsepower.

What Are The New Features Of The 2024 Toyota 4Runner?

Toyota has not offered a great cabin to the 4Runner. It gets a basic cabin and a simple dashboard. This dashboard doesn’t reflect the modern era design and technology. The lack of attractive design can be a primary reason for the buyers not to purchase this truck. Although, it can fit people easily in all three rows. The dashboard is mounted with an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system. 4Runner can be connected wirelessly with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Additionally, Toyota has offered some important safety features. For example, adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, and forward-collision warning.

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The new 4Runner will be launched in the last quarter of 2023. Therefore, with one of the best off-road capabilities, this truck cum SUV will be sold for its performance.


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