Ford F-150 Lightning Is Planning To Make A Hole In Your Pocket

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Ford F-150
CC: Ford

We just got over the sore created by Tesla by increasing the price for Cybertruck, and here were are with another electric pickup truck with a price hike before even the launch. Ford has decided to increase the price of the upcoming F-150 Lightning. The American automotive company is saying that the electric truck’s production is more expensive. It is because the price of components has just got a price hike. Ford is increasing the prices of its electric pickup truck lineup by $6500 to $8000.

Ford F-150 Lightning is an electric truck by the American automaker, which is set to release in 2023. This truck will rival the GMC Hummer EV, Rivian R1T, and Tesla Cybertruck. This electric truck will add a futuristic model to the lineup of the F-150. This truck has a good electric range, quick acceleration, and off-road abilities.

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Price Change Of The Ford F-150 Lightning

The American automaker revealed that the new electric pickup truck would have a starting price tag of $41,769. Currently, Ford announced that this base variant would cost $48769. The next variant which received a price hike is the XLT. Earlier, it was offered for $54,769, and as of now, it will come at $61,269. XLT variant with a bigger battery pack receives even more rise in price. It has been increased by $8500 and will cost $82,769. Lariat trim of the F-150 Lightning receives an increase of $7000. Earlier, Lariant came with a price tag of $69,269.

The same goes for the bigger battery pack; it will be available for $87,769, which is affected by $8500. Lastly, the top model will come with a price tag of $98,669. The top trim has received a hike of $6,000. Therefore, these prices will be in effect for all the models – the pre-booked models or the upcoming bookings.

Ford F-150 Lightning
CC: Ford

Will You Get Anything New With The Price Hike?

With the price increase, Ford has tried to add some changes to the electric pickup. It has increased the range from 230 miles to 240 miles in the trucks with a 98kWh battery pack. Moreover, the feature of Pro Trailer Hitch Assist is added. This feature lets the vehicle handle the steering and brakes automatically. This addition will be provided with the two technology packages. Though, this package is standard on the top trim. It will be available on XLT, Lariat, and base trims for an extra cost.

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These were the changes in the price of the lineup of Ford’s F-150 electric pickup truck, the Lightning. Ford also announced that it would be reopening the booking window very soon.
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