Fastest Kia: The EV6 GT

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Kia EV6 GT
CC: Kia

The South Korean electric car, Kia EV6, is out with a faster and more efficient GT model. EV6 GT offers better specs than the standard EV6. Although EV6 is already a great value car, with the launch of the new GT model, it has become even better. The performance of the best has been extended to a different level now. In this segment, only Hyundai Ioniq 5 was competing with the EV6. The updated version of this electric car provides the specifications of a muscle car in the body of a crossover. The new GT has made this car altogether a new piece of perfection. Although, this fast car needs no introduction. It is already on the list of many car enthusiasts. We believe the GT version will enhance its performance and provide more power.

Read the article for more details about the new GT version of the best-running EV on the market.

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What Is New For The GT?

The new GT is based on Hyundai-Kia’s highly advanced E-GMP platform. It has a 77.4 kWh battery pack, which also came in the standard EV6. It takes 18 minutes for the 350 kW DC charger to charge from 10 to 80 percent battery. The GT line gets new front and rear bumpers, and it also gets a liftgate rear spoiler. GT version makes EV6 look sportier. Thus, it gets 21-inch wheels. If we talk about the interiors, the GT variant has a semi-bucket seat, providing you with the feel of a sports car. Also, it gets a button to switch among various driving options. These driving options are regular Eco, Normal, and Sport.

CC: Kia

How Is The Performance Of GT Better Than The Standard EV6?

The new GT is equipped with more powerful motors than the current EV6. A combination of these motors produces 577 horsepower. The rear axle also adds a two-stage inverter which improves the car’s efficiency by 3 percent. It also reduces the heat produced by electric motors. The standard EV6 doesn’t get multiple drive modes, while the GT version gets various driving modes. These driving modes have different power outputs. The Normal mode generates 460 horsepower while the Sports also does the same. The Eco mode is restricted to generating 288 horsepower.

Although, only the GT model produces 577 horsepower, which is the maximum output of this EV. This powerful setup accelerates from zero to sixty mph in under 3.4 seconds which is quicker than the current market version. GT models further bring a drift mode. The drift mode helps the EV to make a drift with the same strength and send more power to the front motors, which increases the car’s speed. The smoke-producing capability of the rear wheels is also tested while the drift mode is selected.

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Indubitably, the new Kia EV6 GT is a more powerful electric vehicle. Kia had already given one of the finest EVs to the industry, and now with the launch of the GT line, it has provided an even better and faster product.


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