Jeep Cherokee Is In Trouble: Here Is Why

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Jeep Cherokee
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will investigate more than 1 million Jeep Cherokees. This investigation is taking place after consideration of multiple complaints lodged by the users related to the braking problem. NHTSA will check for the problems; if they are eligible for recall, Jeep will have to recall over a million Cherokees. This will be one of the biggest recalls by any automotive brand. NHTSA started the investigation when more than 80 reports were filed. These reports involved problems related to the electronic braking system and water leakage. After the investigation, if the NHTSA announces that Jeep needs to recall its defective cars, it will have to consider all the problems and give free repairs.

Jeep Cherokee was first introduced in 1974. It is a full-size SUV. Over time, Jeep has introduced more than five generations of Cherokee. The fifth generation was introduced in 2014. Also, we have seen all the major problems in fifth-generation cars. Alongside the current problem, there were problems in the past as well. Read more about the problem occurring in Cherokee. Also, read about the previous recalls.

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What Is The Major Problem With Jeep Cherokee?

NHTSA will investigate Jeep Cherokees from 2014 to 2020 under consideration of 80 complaints from the owners of Cherokee. The major problem these owners face is the automatic activation of the electronic brake. The brake gets activated while Cherokee is in motion. This can lead to major accidents and even serious injuries. The investigation holds approximately 1,300,000 Cherokees for evaluation. NHTSA said that there could be a water leakage causing damage to the brakes of the Jeep Cherokee.

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Reports of the users

A consumer filed a complaint raising the same issue. He recorded in his complaint that he lost the car’s power while driving on a four-lane highway. He wasn’t able to accelerate or change the gears. The user even received a check the engine warning, and the brake lights were flashing. After showing it to the local mechanic, he found out that the water leaked and entered the braking system leading to cause the damage. With the same kind of complaints, many other users also reported. These reports were taken into consideration by NHTSA, and they started investigating.

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Previous Recalls of Jeep Cherokee

In 2015, around 100,000 Jeep Cherokees were recalled for the issue of damage to the power liftgate module damage by the water leakage. This issue was rising in the 2014-15 Cherokees. Another recall of Jeep Cherokee took place in 2014 to 2017 models. The car lost its engagement in the transmission connection and the power system, which sends power to the front wheels from the rear. More than 65,000 cars were involved in this recall. Although these cars received the fix, even then, few of the repaired cars again had the same problems. Now, the problem increases with the automatic activation of electronic brakes. Jeep recalled all these cars again, and the owners received free repairs.


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